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Friday, November 21, 2008

The View From a Ranger's Porch

I discovered by accident a new blog, WTF, written by a man who was an Army Ranger for 4 years, who has a unique and valuable perspective on the can of worms which is our current situation.

QUOTE I have been watching events this week in general and the ridiculous theater on capital hill in particular and I have to say, it makes me very angry.The double standards, misinformation, and posturing by congress in a time of crisis makes me feel embarrassed to be an American. It makes me feel I wasted the four years of my life I gave to this country in the Rangers. The current administration has given more than a trillion dollars to the very people who created the world economic crisis in the first place. And the they gave it to them with little debate or oversite. Then once the money was in the treasury's hands they did not even do what they said they would do. Things are getting worse.

Now when the crisis has choked off credit to almost everyone, the automotive companies are running out of operating capital and ask for a LOAN, of a measly 25 billion split between three company's. And what they get for their trouble is mockery and pundits saying "let them go under". Apparently there are the Wall street bankers who get whatever they want with little discussion and there is everyone else. And I would be willing to bet that every single one of the CEOs of the banks that have gotten money from the Government still have their corporate jets and nobody bothered to ask them about it. Let alone mock them. We will not even mention the money that has been wasted on the war. UNQUOTE

Here you go, ExRanger, this might make you feel a little better. Somebody's got cooties...the G20 leaders are not shaking Bush's hand. Talk about getting the cold shoulder.

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