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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hate Is Not A Family Value

Omaha teenagers stand up to a hate group that protests at veteran's funerals and is known for its crude and rude slanderous hate-mongering. I am a traditional Catholic and I am proud of these high school kids from Omaha, Nebraska. If anyone has a problem with that, too durn bad.

From the Omaha World Herald.

QUOTE Witnesses said the protesters held up signs that criticized homosexuality and characterized President-elect Barack Obama as the antichrist."Unfortunately, it got out of hand, with students throwing objects at the protesters and at police," Police Sgt. Cathy Martinec said as students walked off. Police had arrived before the trouble began, but once the confrontation started, Martinec said she advised the church protesters that the situation had grown unsafe and that they should leave. They did. Dodge Street was shut down about 3 p.m. as police calmed the disturbance. Students said they were expecting the demonstration: They found out online and through word of mouth.Ari Brodkey, 16, held a sign reading "This Jew is not afraid of you." He called the demonstrators from the church "disgusting." Counterprotesters included students from Omaha Central and Omaha North High Schools.The church demonstrators "are wasting their time," said 16-year-old Patricia Gomez. "They're not gonna break us down."KaTasha Cohen, 17, said church demonstrators would not change the way she thinks. She supports Obama. UNQUOTE

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