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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heartland Pantry ~ The Right Move

From the Rockets 'hood:

This past year the HyVee grocery store chain built two huge new mega-stores in the northeast corner of Lincoln, Nebraska (where we live) both about 3-4 miles from our home. The smaller, older store which is very close, about a mile or less, was slated to be closed. Worse still, they had their corporate attorneys write up a lease which had a provision that no other grocery store could occupy the space for five years. This really riled the blue collar and university (Nebraska Wesleyan) neighborhood which relied on the closing HyVee grocery store for supplies. They rallied to do something about it. Actually we rallied, since I contributed by signing a petition and vocalizing ardently. I did not get out and march in a grim reaper suit, as did one enterprising protester. :D

Many folks here are trying to live a lifestyle which involves using less petroleum and having livable neighborhoods with walkable and bike-able amenities nearby, and driving to a big box store which contributes to urban sprawl ( something that the good people of Lincoln have little grasp of, apparently). A grocery store closure can be the tipping point for neighborhoods, sending them into a downward spiral. Lease restrictions emerged in the 1970s in such cities as Chicago, and are a factor in the building of urban blight.

The very happy ending: Hy-Vee opened its new smaller store, The Heartland Pantry, at 48th and Leighton Avenue on Tuesday 11/18 and I love it.

Channel 10-11 KOLN-KGIN coverage here.

BTW Here's the trailer for the film The End Of Suburbia, which will help anyone mystified about why I am so very happy about my local Heartland Pantry.

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