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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Job, Bloomberg...

Here's a huge story that Bloomberg has reported on, and the blogosphere is buzzing about. Two TRILLION dollars gone missing under the watchful eye of the Current Occupant & Friends. I think its about time the peasant's revolted, as the old joke goes "The peasants are revolting!" The lumpen prole is certainly going to be revolted & nauseous when this sinks in. Throw the bastards out, and where suitable, into hard time. Who amongst us can call this lot to account? Mr. Obama, are you up for it? Something stinks to high heaven here.

From Mike Ruppert QUOTE The following story is monumental and the days between now and January 20th are going to be non-stop action and, most likely, very bad news. The Treasury is refusing to disclose which institutions are getting taxpayer bailout money. Bloomberg has filed suit to find out. That speaks volumes for Bloomberg. Hank Paulson has completely violated his testimony before Congress when he sought approval of the package. Under oath he begged for the same transparency he himself is now refusing to provide. But bear in mind that most of the Treasury money that is being dispersed is NOT part of the congressional bailout package. There's more than two trillion in Treasury money forked over and the congressional bailout was only $750 billion. This has nothing to do with protecting asset prices or the industry. It has to do with obstructing justice and concealing evidence. If the mainstream media try to brush this over they will lose all credibility with Joe the Plumber and Joe Sixpack. The public will grasp this in a heartbeat. This is a crime being committed in broad daylight, in the middle of Main Street, in perfect weather.


Ruppert again: QUOTE I think the wheels are coming off it because this news won't sit well anywhere in this country and I smell that they have reached too far. It is far less expensive to prevent the money from leaving the bank than it is to get it back there once it's been stolen. This has got to be stopped. We must know where that money is going (or went) before January 20th.


I have felt this was a coup from the first days back in September. Who and why I am not sure. How, the bailouts. Here's what Chris Martenson says along those lines: US Taxpayers are Violated - the Looting Operation Continues

QUOTE I am trying to maintain a very level-headed approach to the changes that we are seeing. However, from time to time the looting operation becomes just a bit too obvious, a bit too overt, and I find my level of cool slipping.
This is one of those times.
Here are the dots that I am connecting that have me concerned, if not angry.
Remember, even prior to its passage, I called the bailout the
greatest looting operation of our time. I did so because the language of the Bailout Act, as originally proposed by the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, er, I mean the Treasury Secretary, requested three things: unitary power, no review, and no limits.
Frankly, it was the most plainly-worded document of theft that I had ever seen, and probably ever will see, in my life (because it was too blatant and such mistakes are rarely made again).
After that draft was defeated in the House, the Senate immediately attached a much denser 300+ page version of the bailout bill to an existing piece of legislation and passed it. The house caved after an intense week of lobbying by both banks and the people of the land, who were diametrically opposed on the issue. Naturally, they caved to the banking interests.
But We The People won some symbolic victories in that battle, including the explicit promise of complete transparency in the use of that money.
Now it turns out that We The Payers won nothing at all, and that we are not even being afforded the most basic right of being able to view how that money is being spent.


Who can open up a can of Whoop Ass on this debacle? Who can set it right? I agree with Ron Paul, but if ever there was a time for true revolution in the US, this is that time.

Unfortunately, most Americans are stuck in a consumer trance and don't have any clue what is really happening in front of their eyes. The media is partially to blame, of course, but I also happen to believe that citizens of democracy have an obligation to stay informed, monitor the decisions made by their elected government, and act when their interests are not being represented.

If we (as Americans) simply wait around for our leaders to bring us the change we want to see, we'll never see it. We have to get on the phone, write letters and emails and take to the streets to demand that change. If enough of us actually woke up and exercised our rights, those in power would be forced to bend to our will or be replaced by someone who will. Obama brings some hope, but how much?

Of course the powers that be are aware of this, so it has always been in their interest to encourage ignorance and apathy in the electorate. What with porn everywhere, TV sitcoms, MySpace, professional sports and endless opportunities to buy and consume, we're doing their work for them.

I also believe that Americans are capable of great things once they are mobilized. I Love this country even as I disagree with many of its policies. But what will it take for us to wake up, break the chains of materialism and distraction and take the power into our own hands? If recent events have not done it, what will? And will it happen soon enough to avert total disintegration?

Watch and pray...



Brutus said...

Great article Deb!

I just linked to it over at RSE.


Deborah said...

Thanks, Eric! Much appreciated.