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Friday, November 28, 2008

"I Had a Great Time"

A dying child's last wishes: to help the homeless and save the honeybees. And he worried that he could have done more. A shining light and old soul is going home. God bless you, Brendan, and may your namesake, Saint Brendan the Navigator, guide your ship home. This spring I will plant wildflowers "for the bees" and I will begin to work for our local FoodNet, to honor you.

QUOTE Three years ago, doctors diagnosed Brenden with leukemia. The boy who once rushed through homework so he could play outside found himself confined to a bed. But there was no confining his spirit."I had a great time. And until my time comes, I'm going to keep having a great time," he said.

Brenden's selfless dying wish was to help the homeless."They're probably starving, so give'em a chance," he said, "food and water."But Brenden was too ill to feed them on his own. So volunteers from Emerald City Lights Bike Ride passed out some 200 sandwiches to the homeless in Seattle.

Then Brenden's last wish took on a life of its own. A TV station in Los Angeles held a food drive. School kids in Ohio collected cans. People in Pensacola, Florida gathered goods.And here in Western Washington, KOMO viewers from all over took part in the Stuff the Truck food drive in Brenden's honor. Hundreds with generous hearts donated six and a half huge truck loads of groceries and more than $60,000 in cash to benefit Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline.
Brenden touched hearts all over the world. His wish came true, and he lived to see it.
"He had the joy of seeing all of the beautiful response to his last wish," said his grandmother, Patricia McMorrow. "It gives him great peace and he knows that his life has meaning."

Be sure to watch both videos. Jimmie's comments (below) are deep, and right on the money.

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