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Monday, June 9, 2008

Lisbon Treaty Video

Trust the Irish to find the humor in resisting the overweening encroachment of Big Brother on local jurisdiction of one's own country. (First video.)

The second video is serious and heart wrenching. It strikes me that the Irish have put up with quite enough through the years to govern their own land; why toss such hard-won freedoms away?

Americans, take note: this could be YOU in a few years if the NAU - North American Union - goes through. Ron Paul supporters and other lovers of the real America, take notes.

Congratulations to those who made these videos, thy're brilliant! More information at this excellent web site.


Credo said...

Thank you for posting this here.
Please keep us in your prayers in these days ahead.
Many thanks for your email.

Deborah said...

You are quite welcome. Anything I can do for Eire, if it is within my power I shall do! And of course, mostly what is within my puny poweer is knee time before the icons and cricifix.

But that will do, that will do....


Deborah said...

oops, pardon my typos: I'm tired and my typing slides downhill fast when tired. I meant of course power not poweer and crucifix not cricifix.