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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

McClellan's Book and McCain

RE: McCain ~ Why on earth would anyone wish a continuation of Bush policy? The US has lost her integrity under this "leadership", been frightened into an illegal war for resources, stomped the Constitution, shredded the Bill of Rights, along the way wrecking the economy and bleeding the dollar of all value. Are you pro-Life, can't in good conscience vote for Obama? Fine, vote for Ron Paul. That's what I'm going to do.

From NYT's Frank Rich. And yes, I've finally blogged on Scott McClellan, after steadfastly resisting the urge to do so over the past week and a half. Now it's out of my system.

I just wonder why, being so close to the source, he didn't figure all this out while he was in the sh*t, as they say.

QUOTE So why the fuss? Mr. McClellan isn’t a sizzling TV personality, or, before now, a household name beyond the Beltway. His book secured no major prepublication media send-off on “60 Minutes” or a newsmagazine cover. But if the tale of how the White House ginned up the war is an old story, the big new news is how ferocious a hold this familiar tale still exerts on the public all these years later. We have not moved on.
Americans don’t like being lied to by their leaders, especially if there are casualties involved and especially if there’s no accountability. We view it as a crime story, and we won’t be satisfied until there’s a resolution.
That’s why the original sin of the war’s conception remains a political flash point, however much we tune out Iraq as it grinds on today. Even a figure as puny as Mr. McClellan can ignite it. The Democrats portray Mr. McCain as offering a third Bush term, but it’s a third term of the war that’s his bigger problem. Even if he locks the president away in a private home, the war will keep seeping under the door, like the blood in “Sweeney Todd.” UNQUOTE

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