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Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Gems From Maurin

From Peter Maurin, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement:

Christianity Untried

Chesterton says:

"The Christian ideal
has not been tried
and found wanting.
It has been found difficult
and left untried."

Christianity has not been tried
because people thought
it was impractical.

And men have tried everything
except Christianity.

And everything
that men have tried
has failed.

God and Mammon

Christ says: "The dollar you have is the dollar you give."

2. The Banker says: "The dollar you have is the dollar you keep."

3. Christ says: "You cannot serve two masters, God and Mammom."

4. "'You cannot.' And all our education consists in trying to find out how we can," says Robert Louis Stevenson.

5. "The poor are the true children of the Church", says Bossuet.

6. "Modern society has made the bank account the standard of values", says Charles Peguy.

Share Your Wealth

1. God wants us
to be our brother's keeper.
2. To feed the hungry,
to clothe the naked,
to shelter the homeless,
to instruct the ignorant,
at a personal sacrifice,
is what God
wants us to do.
3. What we give to the poor
for Christ's sake
is what we carry with us
when we die.
4. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau say:
"When man dies
he carries
in his clutches/hands
only that which
he has given away."


elisa said...

I love Chesterton. I may not always agree with his religion, but he has many things of value to share for all. He has an awesome sense of humor and joy that when I say that, there are times when no one seems to have understood that. And that is simply ok with me :D

Deborah said...

Yeah, old G.K. was way cool.