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Monday, June 23, 2008

Rome Offers SPPX An Ultimatum

Alrighty, then. The reign of Pope Benedict -- the length of which cannot be known --is a "now or never" moment for the SSPX and for the Traditional Latin Mass. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always there to protect and guide the See of Peter, but the SSPX would be wise to not tempt God and gamble on the possibility of a more friendly pontificate in the future. Let them take the lesson from the Orthodox Churches on how far being "correct" and "right" gets one when not sailing under the banner of The Fisherman.

All it gets is a bad case of hyper-correctness.

Ubi Petrus, Ecclesia est.

From The New Liturgical Movement.

QUOTE Conditions this favourable for a reentering into full communion will in all likelihood not repeat themselves. Many faithful, now that they have obtained the Mass according to the ancient rite, do not understand why the Fraternity does not definitively make peace with Rome. The Lefebvrians have come to realize what is happening, even if Fellay has some problems of internal resistance. The choice is whether to make an agreement and reenter into full communion with the Holy See, or rather to remain a small separate body with the risk of turning into a little sectarian and uninfluential group. UNQUOTE


Credo said...

I lament your comments.

Deborah said...

Hopefully no this one.

"Ubi Petrus, Ecclesia est."

Agree to disagree?

Pax Christi,