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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preparing For The Next Great Depression?

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An interesting little story found on that most mainstream of news sources, NBC. One of the people who they interviewed, Kathy, is a regular poster at a forum I frequently lurk on, as, I believe, is ExRanger who sometimes blogs here (the site is a great source of news links, by the way) LATOC, or Life After The Oil Crash. If "peak oil" is a new concept to anyone, I suggest reading a lot there, at Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash, at The Oil Drum and From The Wilderness, just for starters.

"Families brace for financial fallout ~ In these tough times, some families are stocking up in case of a financial disaster. NBC's Peter Alexander reports."


The obligatory psychiatrist at the end of the segment really hasn't a clue: "people revert to behaviors designed to ensure their security". I want to see him after a Hurricane Katrina blows through his town. I money-back guarantee you he'll be mooching off his doomer neighbors who had the foresight to behave in such a way that they assured their security.


1 comment:

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Shrinks never had a clue about anything!

But it's really noticable that Americans are quite worried about their future, or rather: they have a pretty black outlook onto it I feel.

Here in Denmark the media has already pronouced the end of the financial crisis.

And frankly, we've done better during the crisis than at times where there was an economical boom.
Must sound weird to you, but I have found that our personal fait seems to be more independent of the world's general agreemenmt on a crisis than I would have thought...