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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Care Jigsaw Puzzle

As the circular clusterboink over health care in D.C. undulates and froths with opinions, here-say, argument and polemic congresscritters look for pieces of the jigsaw puzzle on the floor of history. They struggle in vain to avoid the glaringly obvious conclusion that the American people have been sold a real stinker with the label "best medical care in the world" pinned to its shirtfront.

We used to believe it, until we began to notice the abysmal statistics. If our health care system is so great, why are we 17th in the world for infant mortality (and one of the worst for developed countries) and 45th in the world for life expectancy?

If you oppose single-payer universal health care, I challenge you to go through the list of common objections and see them all rebutted, at this site. Go ahead, you know you want to. Sooner or later the opponents are going to realize that it is just plain better for American, better for business overall, better for economy in general and specifically, to insure all our citizens. I believe America should join the rest of the developed world and provide a single-payer system.

Dr. Hochfield is an emergency room physician who trained at M.I.T.

And don't forget this must-see backgrounder:
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