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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pope Calls for 'God-Centered' Economy

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Disarmament, food security and peace. What's not to like? Oh wait, a global centralized authority. Since all the local and regional and national authorities running on the old paradigm are doing such a bang-up job, selecting some of them to have power over everybody is sure to be a fabbo idea.

I like this Pope but this is not his best idea.

Holy Father, how on earth can you ensure that your "new global authority" has a transformed and transfigured Catholic worldview? There is no way to make an earthly authority a saintly man or woman, one would think you had found it hard enough to make sure the ecclesiastical authorities were saintly.

I counsel prudence and caution here.

From USA Today
Be sure and click on over and read it all.

QUOTE In his third encyclical, a major teaching, released as the G-8 summit begins in Italy, the pope says such an authority is urgently needed to end the current worldwide financial crisis. It should "revive" damaged economies, reach toward "disarmament, food security and peace," protect the environment and "regulate migration."
Benedict writes, "The market is not, and must not become, the place where the strong subdue the weak."
The encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) is a theologically dense explication of Catholic social teaching that draws heavily from earlier popes, particularly PaulVI's critique of capitalism 42 years ago. And echoing his predecessor
John Paul II, Benedict says, "every economic decision has a moral consequence." UNQUOTE

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