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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stewart & Zmirak Deconstruct GOP VP Nominee

From John Zmirak in Taki's Magazine (see yesterday's post on this "Read of the Week")

While Palin’s talk took some delightful shots at the inflatable Superman balloon that is Obama, her positive program boiled down to little more than the following:

Support our troops.
Defeatists, go home to Hanoi.
I love my kids.
My husband is a real man.
Harry Truman was unqualified, too.
I may be much hotter than your wife, but I can be just as scary.
Small town good, big town bad.
Power corrupts, so give some to me.
Who needs beaches or seafood? Let’s drill for some oil, baby!
The Iranians are holding our people hostage.
The Russians are coming.
Barak Obama blathers on and on about himself. I blather about my children.
Obama is skinny, pale, and weak. He went to Harvard, for crying out loud.
America doesn’t negotiate with foreigners.
It isn’t just Republicans who can’t stand John McCain. Some Democrats hate him, too.
Only veterans and torture victims can really be trusted.
So let’s draft half the country, and send the rest to Gitmo.
I wasn’t entirely swayed by this analysis.
Me either.

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