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Friday, September 5, 2008

On the Rez With Zmirak

God is good, he has writers like John Zmirak over at Taki's Magazine who still have wit and a sense of what is right. God bless you, Mister Zmirak.

I feel you, man, truly I do. Yeppers.

I know I always say this, but really, really, be sure and click over to read it all. You'll be glad you did. Me Vote Pretty This Time is the read of the week.

QUOTE I also forgot to watch either party’s national convention. Just plain missed ‘em. Perhaps I have been in denial, avoiding the fact that our nation’s choices boil down to a Chicago “community activist” (i.e., ghetto shakedown artist who mau-maus Whitey for handouts) and a crackbrained Deer Hunter nostalgist whose vision of America is one vast and well-policed Navy base… where we all march in formation, pick up cigarette butts when ordered, and ask our commanders for “liberty”—which they’ll grant us one weekend per month.

Yes, the outcome of the primaries left me feeling… disenfranchised. To the point where I’ve found myself checking on my passport, to make sure I’m still an American—and wondering if I won’t someday end up on a reservation for white, blue-collar Catholics. Where, of course, we will offer bingo. UNQUOTE
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