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Monday, September 22, 2008

Let The Markets Work, Stop the Bailout

Call Congress:- Demand immediate debt forgiveness for all households making less than $250K annually (for without debt relief, the system will fail no matter how many times Congress bails out Wall Street crooks). Promise to join a NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE that will shut down the entire nation until the taxpayers and especially the Middle Class are protected!


Here is what I have sent:
Dear Senator___________________,
As a long time supporter, small business owner, and an individual I am asking you to vote no on the proposed bailout. I ask you to vote this way because 1)the bailout does not provide enough transparency nor does it allow the oversight that is required for such an enormous spending by OUR government, 2) the bailout does not provide punitive measures for those corporations whose bad debt holdings will be purchased, and 3) the bailout is a short term bandaid on our economic woes that will only exacerbate our situation primarily because it will cause the value of our dollar to plunge and cause commodities such as oil to spike. This bailout will buy time for those executives and titans of our financial markets to perfect their personal exit strategies while decimating the common main street america families who will end up paying the most for this. Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,

Check out this article for more info to help stop this madness:http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2008/09/lies-from-paulson-keep-stacking-up-what.html
Contact Your Senator Today! It's time to contact your senator. Here is contact information for Senators of the 110th Congress.
Phone or Email your Senators today. Tell them in your own words
* Urge your senator to Filibuster any bailout legislation. * Emphatically state you do not want a bailout of any kind for anyone.
* No Dictatorial power for Paulson or Bernanke
* Taxpayers should not have to bail out banks making bad loans
* Tell them that "The Fed" and Paulson are systemic risk".
* No Dictatorial powers for Bush.

Email AND Phone Senators Shelby, Bunning, Kyle, Ensign, Hagel

Whether Senator Shelby is your Senator or not, flood him with calls and emails asking for a filibuster and to stop the insanity. Senators Shelby, Bunning, Ensign, and Kyle might be sympathetic to the cause, based on past statements. I am including Hagel, he's a very sensible man.

Ask For A Filibuster
Please email and phone the following. Specifically ask for a filibuster and tell them to vote no to any bailout. Tell them that anyone who votes for this bailout will never get your vote again. Shelby, Richard C.- (R - AL) 110 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-5744 E-mail: senator@shelby.senate.gov
Bunning, Jim- (R - KY) 316 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-4343 Web Form: http://bunning.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm
Kyl, Jon- (R - AZ) 730 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-4521 Web Form: kyl.senate.gov/contact.cfm
Ensign, John- (R - NV) Washington D.C. Office 119 Russell Senate Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: (202) 224-6244 Fax: (202) 228-2193 Web Form: ensign.senate.gov/forms/email_form.cfm
Hagel, Chuck (R - NE) 248 RUSSELL SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-4224 Web Form: hagel.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.Home
Please email and phone both of your senators as well.
Once Is Not Enough
I want to emphasize that once is not enough.
Here is what to do. * Flood the senators with emails and phone calls.Tell them in no uncertain terms that if they vote for this bailout they will not get your vote, ever again. * Send an email or call every day, preferably both. * Put each message in your own words. * Make the phone message sort and sweet. * Use one of the following verbs: concerned, frightened, scared, afraid, mad rush to action * Use one of the following themes: US dollar, unconstitutional, national debt, how do we pay for this?, printing money, lies, etc * Vary each message so they do not all sound alike
Send this post to 5 or 10 of your friends and have them do the same or post it on your web site. Do it now, while you are thinking about it.
I must be honest and state that this action is highly unlikely to work. However. It is the only shot we have.
This is a worst case scenario, folks. The "bail-out" is nothing less than a coup IMHO. We've been had.

The administration is asking Congress to give it sweeping new powers to execute the plan. Paulson said it "needs to be big enough to make a real difference and get to the heart of the problem.""http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080919/financial_meltdown.html
How many times has this administration demanded "sweeping new powers"? I've lost count.


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