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Friday, September 5, 2008

AntiWar Activists Charged With Terrorism

It seems to me that kids and hippies who are patriotic enough care about how this country is doing and who disgree with our current foreign policy in a way guaranteed by the Constitution (peaceful demonstration) are obviously not terrorists. If there were plans to commit violence, the violence planned should be commensurate with a realistic definition of terrorism if the planners are indeed charged with such in a court of law.

Letting the police shoot pepper spray point blank at people who were peaceful, and who are in the streets out of high levels of concern for the country, as I have seen on YouTube at the RNC -
is not an "American" scene.

Modern Definition of Martial Law: Martial law is when military-like actions are taken upon a nations own citizens and constitutional and human rights are violated on a regular basis as part of a standard operating procedure (SOP).It is when you cannot protest without a "permit" and your freedom of speech is silenced.It is basically what they call a "police state". It is when the "police" are trained by and act like covert federal officials/military police rather than the civilian peace keepers they are supposed to be.

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libhom said...

Charging harmless peace activists with "terrorism" insults the memories of people killed in the 911 attacks by actual terrorists.