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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ron, Cynthia, Bob, Chuck and Ralph

That is, Ron Paul (Republican), Cynthia McKinney(Green), Bob Barr(Libertarian), Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) & Ralph Nader(Independent).

All together for a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. ten A.M. tomorrow.

Dooooooooooooooo tell................

From George Dance at nolanchart.com

QUOTE Ron Paul will announce that the Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a real all-candidates’ debate, to be televised, featuring every presidential candidate on enough state ballots to win: Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader (and of course McCain and Obama should be invited, too, though they’d decline.) A network, even if only C-Span, has agreed to run the debate. An all-star panel (say, Gary Johnson, Naomi Wolfe, and Walter Williams) will ask the questions. The moderator will, of course, be Dr. Paul himself.

The announcement goes over strongly enough to replace “Sarah Palin,” or whatever next week’s Top Story is. The momentum builds, and continues to build, until, on debate day, 25 million Americans watch the debate. It’s so successful that the network arranges for a full set of three, which end up being watched by over 100 million American voters. Suddenly, for the first time since television became central to it, the election process is a level playing field.
I would love to see that occur this fall. UNQUOTE


Laura said...

I SO hope that what this is all about, and not some of the things we've been tossing around at RSE.

George Dance said...

Well, Ron Paul didn't announce that; but Ralph Nader did yesterday: there will be a third-party presidential debate 'in the coming weeks.' Please read my new article at:


George Dance said...

Here's the scoop: Ron Paul isn't organizing it, but the man behind his money bombs, Trevor Lyman, is. So far it's internet only, but I'm hoping some TV will be added as interest builds. Please read:

Third-party debate in early October