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Here we seek a rest in the shade, some cool water and a little kindness. This blog is dedicated to peace, truth, justice and a post- industrial, post-petroleum illumined world in spite of all odds against it. I very much like the line about the ancient knight (see poem below) "His helmet now shall make a hive for bees" It is reminiscent of "beating swords into ploughshares" a sentiment I heartily approve of. Thank you for visiting ~ I hope you return!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

One, Two, Three ~ Everybody Stop What They're Doing & Work on Integrating Their Shadow

OK, I have tipped over some sort of tipping point. I have crossed the rubicon, I have
had it up to here.

This little blog post on glob-a-log just sent me over the edge.

QUOTE Bin Laden and the other useless little psychopaths must be laughing their heads off. A few bombs, a few thousands of victims (less than die on the road each day in the West…) and they’ve already won. As our imbecilic and criminal leaders don’t tire of telling us, ‘If they make us change our way of life, the terrorists have won.’

Well, we let them do just that. Our governments have conspired with the terrorists to do so from day one and have been taking away our liberties and our rights one by one – from day one. UNQUOTE

Puhleeeeze, everyone just stop whatever you are doing right now and introduce yourself to your Shadow (read up on it by digging out those Psych 101 textbooks & finding something by Carl Jung if you need to.)I'm assuming that everyone who has passed the tenth grade or ever watched a serious & well made film drama has some idea that we all have a dark side, which, left unaddressed, will come to rule.

They talk about it at AA, they talk about it on Oprah, they talk about it in the coffeeroom at work. You know what I'm talking about here. Quit projecting all over the place and heal your own shadow. Do it. Do it for yourself, your spouse, your kids and grandkids, for the little robins nesting in your apple tree. Do it.

You'll be so glad you did.

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