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Friday, April 25, 2008

Noonan On the View From Gate 14

Peggy Noonan, Reagan speechwriter and biographer, Wall Street Journal editorialist and and fine specimen of a conservative (I say this as a CCCLL ~ Catholic Crunchy Con who lists to the Left on environment and toward Libertarian on civil liberty & freedom) has an op-ed piece up today which pegs it exactly right. Her pulse taking is nuanced. Senator Obama would do well to hire her as speechwriter, if she would make the temporary short trip left it might take to write for him, because Peggy understands what it is to love America. And I think she is starting to understand that those who deeply love America are not only ready for change, but demanding it. This current sad caricature of the USA cannot stand.

QUOTE America is in line at the airport. America has its shoes off, is carrying a rubberized bin, is going through a magnetometer. America is worried there is fungus on the floor after a million stockinged feet have walked on it. But America knows not to ask. America is guilty until proved innocent, and no one wants to draw undue attention. America left its ticket and passport in the jacket in the bin in the X-ray machine, and is admonished. America is embarrassed to have put one one-ounce moisturizer too many in the see-through bag. America is irritated that the TSA agent removed its mascara, opened it, put it to her nose, and smelled it. Why don't you put it up your nose and see if it explodes? America thinks. UNQUOTE

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