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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let Them Eat Grass

The following link shows Kevin Fulton of Lichfield, Nebraska rolling up a frying pan at a conference in New York. He gave one of the keynote presentations at this event and received a standing ovation. His presentation included the need for reform in the way we raise and label our food, and the need to improve conditions for livestock. The "sound science" of factory farming is nothing more than "convenient science" and inhumane conditions in the livestock industry are a disgrace. Change is needed and forthcoming.

New York chef Dan Barber is accurate in his description of the impact that organic, sustainable, and local food systems are having on this country and you can read his comments in this article. Kevin's message will continue as he has been invited to do more keynote presentations at conferences around the country.

I urge you to buy as much food as you can directly from local farmers in your area and stop purchasing your meat and dairy products from sources where animals are housed inhumanely and where the animals are injected with artificial hormones, E-coli enriched, and kept on a steady diet of feed additives and medications. You all can make a difference.

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