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Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Husband Is Craftsman Of the Year

My husband Charles has been named Craftsman of the Year by the Rogers Jewelers chain. A little shameless self promotion is in order. Congratulations to Charlie! Those of you in the SE Nebraska area please drop by Rogers Jewelers at Westfied Gateway mall and see him. He'll design and make you and/or your honey something sparkly.

QUOTE Charles Yost was recently named the "Craftsman of the Year" at the Rogers Jewelers annual awards banquet in Cincinnati, Ohio.The award was given for being the top producing bench jeweler in the Rogers Jewelers chain for 2007. Yost has a wide variety of bench jeweler experience over the past 36 years and is a certified Senior Bench Jeweler by the Jewelers of America. He has been with Rogers Jewelers at Westfield Gateway for two years.Rogers Jewelers is a full-service jewelery store offering on-site repairs and custom designs. The Rogers chain is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has retail stores throughout the central United States. For more information visit www.rogers-jewelers.com. UNQUOTE

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