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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Nebraska Network

Today's Lincoln Journal Star had a front-page article about a thriving political website, the New Nebraska Network. NNN bills itself as the state's premiere source of progressive online political commentary and community-building. I just spent a while exploring and my hat is off to these guys. An excellent local politics blog! I just hope they include the Ron Paul folks in their big tent, since many of the Paulites are left-libertarians who are progressives in many ways. Heck, the Paulites are so anti-war and pro-civil rights they are progressives in their own right.

1 comment:

tyrant_slayer said...

Haha! Paulites are the exact opposite of progressive and leftwing. We're so traditional and "unprogressed" that we want to turn the hands of time BACK to a simpler time in our nation's history when our military had no bases overseas, when the fruits of our labor were not taxed to maintain oversea bases, when there was no difference between a man's home and a man's business - it was all his "PRIVATE PROPERTY" to do with what he wished. When the only thing more sacred than the family bible was the Constitution. When gold and silver could be used as legal tender, when congress had the power to coin and regulate the value of our national currency... How's that for being "progressive"?