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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The View From Integral Llife

I found this in my inbox just now, and aside from the fluff-bunny, new-age scent of patchouli oil, it has its merits. Be sure and click on over and read the whole thing.

It is worth contemplating that often nuggets of gold can be found where one least expects them, and that if one maintains an humble, serving spirit one may find "gold" in unlikely places.

From IntegralLife.com by Robb Smith
QUOTE The leading paradigm for handling this diversity, multiculturalism (and its insistence that all views are equal), has failed under the weight of its own absurdity. After all, if all views are equal than we cannot even accept our own views with any real seriousness, and we’re left to cope with our very own lives with either narcissism (“I am everything”) or nihilism (“I am nothing”). (Today’s teenagers are the canaries in this coal mine, essentially screaming for a way out of the existential crisis they’ve been taught to espouse.) That 2008 provided such frequent and horrific examples of what goes wrong with both ends of this spectrum only underscores its symbolism as the year the Information Age ended (sort of loud and painfully, as these things often do...).

President Obama recognizes this unique moment in history and will call on all of us to join together in a unity that can be formed only in a cauldron of deep crisis and grand vision. Out of the ashes of a demoralized information age, broken as it has been by the limitations of a system too complex to bring to heel, arises the Integral Age, marked by a reconstructive paradigm that can integrate truth, values and action at all levels of diversity. A reconstructive paradigm can honor what has come before - tradition, responsibility, values, and long-cultivated social norms - while also manifesting a future vision not yet realized - progressive, compassionate, liberating and boundary-expanding. UNQUOTE

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