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Friday, January 9, 2009

Useful and Practical Doom

From ExRanger's blog, WTF!, comes some advice on what do do when you realize you are, as the Irish say, fecked. Be sure and scroll down to read part one also. Practical Doom 101. Good stuff.

QUOTE I have been reading a lot of Blogs, in particular the comments sections, for the last few months. Most of the time there are regular contributors that you recognise after a while, a bunch of anonymous people, the truly weird ones and ever so often, the person who has just realized that they are totally screwed. The usual response of these poor people is wide eyed, deer in the headlights panic. For those people, here is some advise. (sic)

Sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale very slowly. You are going to get through this some how and your mind set in approaching the problem could make all the difference.First off, take stock of your situation. Are you warm, dry and not in imediate danger. Do you have access to food and water. Good. Next get some paper and a pencil and list the assets and debits of your situation in detail. Have you lost your job or about to loose your job? Do you have savings? How much debt? Do you have shelter or are you about to loose it? Do you have friends or relatives you can move in with for the time being? What skills do you have? Do you have any time before your situation gets dire to learn new skills? UNQUOTE

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