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Here we seek a rest in the shade, some cool water and a little kindness. This blog is dedicated to peace, truth, justice and a post- industrial, post-petroleum illumined world in spite of all odds against it. I very much like the line about the ancient knight (see poem below) "His helmet now shall make a hive for bees" It is reminiscent of "beating swords into ploughshares" a sentiment I heartily approve of. Thank you for visiting ~ I hope you return!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Odds and Ends

We have been either sick or fighting viruses and "bugs" of unknown description here at the old Yost homestead lately. I apologize for the dearth of postings and only hope that any followers of this little blog have hung in there. I know sometimes it gets boring around here, but, hey, that's life. I do encourage all readers to use the "comments" section since the dialog would be better with more voices in it! We're gradually getting better, so hopefully more postings are on the way.
I was saddened to discover that my dear friend and spiritual father, Monsignor David Hintz (of Saint Patrick's here in Lincoln, Nebraska) suffered a stroke on Christmas Eve and is recovering at home after a few days in hospital. Please include him in your prayers and intentions. He is quite young and a very wonderful pastor, humble, full of good cheer, kind and brilliant. It isn't every day that that combination of qualities is found in anyone, much less a "prince of The Church." Get well soon, Monsignor!!
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With the holidays more or less behind us, its time to turn our attention to the next big one - and I do mean Saint Patrick's Day- We haven't seen the Wild Clover Band for about a year, so its time to make the short trip to the Big O and rendezvous with them at the Brazen Head. Craic for all! Also, you will find me tending bar at St. Pat's Irish Festival again this year. And God only knows what other committees I will wind up on.
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Omaha, NE

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