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Friday, May 30, 2008

What A Day!

I'm "all in" ~ basically toast, that is to say, really tired. But really, really good-tired. This day

1.)started last night with horrendous weather, major gales and tornadoes dangerously close (one in the city of Kearney, NE, slightly west of us. The lightning went on for hours and the thunder ~ well, the thunder shook the house, stopped the electricity and scared the dog into fits. About 3 1/2 -4 hours of sleep, never a good thing before a busy day.

2.) then the sacred rite of ordination (more on that below). It was my first Traditional Latin Ordination and a Cardinal from the Vatican was here to do it. I got to The Cathedral of the Risen Christ at 8:30 AM, then LOTS of kneeling & standing (LOTS) and then I left right after the service concluded, about 1:40 PM ~ I had to rush home, eat and get to work. (I'm just now in from work)

3. Lastly, A hectic day at work.



A few comments from my frazzled brain. As a Melkite who was 18 years Greek Orthodox, I did feel a bit like I was in a cultural exchange program, but not too much. I guess I'm spending enough time at St. Francis (the local FSSP Oratory). I have been to an Orthodox ordination, but not a Roman Catholic one.

There is a point where the Cardinal asks if these candidates are worthy, sort of a "speak now, or forever hold your peace" moment ~ and I remembered the Greek custom of hollering Axios !" (worthy) but managed to restrain myself. :o) Many of the Trads are a bit serious, and I could envision myself being escorted out by the burly guys with the frilly hats and big swords ~ and missing the Big Event. So I kept quiet. But, in case anyone is reading this who knows the new priests, tell them I said AXIOS!! WORTHY!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Mass at one of the new reverend father's FIRST MASS ~ what a special occasion. It was a wonderful day. Thanks be to God. Deo gratias.

I'll post more pics in my next post.

Pax Christi.


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