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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Finally Outs Herself As A Bunny Boiling Bloodless Golem

It is like those old B grade horror movies, you know, the ones where the soulless alien golems are caught gobbling the veins of innocent passerbys like so much spaghetti: when caught in the act, the look on their golem-ish faces is one of feigned surprise and outraged innocence. "Oh no" they protest, "This isn't blood, this is spaghetti sauce. Oh no, no. You just don't understand the trials of a special person like me."

So sounded her little "apology".

Hillary, this is so not about YOU.

So it is with Hillary Clinton yesterday in her breathtakingly horrid gaffe invoking Bobby's assassination as a reason for her to keep in the race, and her so-called apology to Ted Kennedy (and NOT Barack Obama).

Here's Olberman's take on the subject, and I agree with his every word.

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