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Monday, May 26, 2008

Here Comes Prince Caspian

I've seen some great films lately: notably the superb, wonderful pro-life Bella, the irreverent pop pro-life Juno, and The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn featuring master actor Sidney Poitier.

It looks like another goodie is here: Prince Caspian got a rave review from Catholic Online.

QUOTE The Kings, Queens and the Prince, along with the all the Narnians who have joined them in their mission, soon rediscover faith, hope and love. These virtues enable them to do great things, for others.Their heroism in battle deepens as the story progresses, revealing that there are degrees of heroism in the order of goodness. They move from shouting “For Narnia”, as they charge forward in the initial dramatic battles, to shouting “For Aslan” in the final ones.The film also develops the theme of harmony with the created order as a fruit of faith, hope and love. This is done through the relationship between humans, the Narnians and the trees.These trees, we learn, once danced when Narnia was filled with hope. Now, they are still. That will all change at the command of Aslan in one of the most breathtaking scenes of this film. UNQUOTE


Laura said...

Our clan went to the movie on Saturday night (after watching the original at home on Friday evening). The consensus: Caspian was even better.

Deborah said...

We showed up at the theater 10 minutes ahead of time hoping to get in and found a block-long line: we decided to wait a week or two :)

Laura said...

We went here in Crete, walked 10 minutes before start time, got our snacks, sat down amongst about 20 other people (there was room for a couple of hundred), and enjoyed a nice semi-private showing. We'll be going to more of our movies in Crete.

Marty said...

Hi Tis. I've just added you. Nice blog! :)

Deborah said...

Marty ~
Hooray, the DownUnder contingent has arrived! Vegemite sandwiches and beer all around.

I'll be adding you today.