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Friday, May 23, 2008

Heaven Begins On Earth

One of my favorite spiritual sites, Spirit Daily, has this little gem to offer. Take it for what it's worth to you: to me it seems good advice.

QUOTE Free yourself from the baggage of worldliness, which is attachment to things.
You take none of it with you and it can hold you back. Clean yourself. Simplify.
Do you see a bird in a cage? That's what we are like when we are all closed in by routine. The Holy Spirit cannot be spontaneous. We box God out. Don't cage yourself in by routine.
There is "balance." It is extremely important to balance our lives -- and avoid all extremes. Slow down. Don't outrun the Holy Spirit. Expand your horizons. That's where Heaven is. Don't be a robot.
There are extremes of negativity. There are extremes of eating. There are extremes of drinking. There are extremes politically and religiously. There is the extreme of scrupulosity (adhering to each letter of the law, but not the spirit). Any extreme puts the spirit at odds with the balance of Heaven.
You see this all the time: devout people who are dour because they have closed everyone else off, believing only they are destined for Heaven. When someone is out of balance they are fearful and that fear will evolve into anger.
Which is the opposite of love, and to feel Heaven -- to bring it here -- one has to love in all circumstances. Heaven is love.
And so there it is: just those few things for a taste of what God has designed as the ultimate in goodness:
Eternal happiness, which for all of us can begin today. UNQUOTE

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