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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Olbermann Exposes Big Money Behind Resistance To Health Reform

Good stuff from Olbermann. The only way that we are going to save the United States from these tick-like corporations and the parasitic bankers including the Federal Reserve and the war mongers is if we oppose them. Government has been taken over by these weasels like the Men In Black character Edgar was taken over by a "Bug"(in the 1997 film, a "bug" was an evil alien).
They're "Bugs" wearing Edgar suits.

Unfortunately they have been very successful at separating us into fearful camps both right and left. This is the genius of the control freaks. What they fear most is a well informed and active population. This health care fight combined with the theft of our economy by the banking elite could bring us together. Each and every one of these elite corporations investors and owners must be exposed for agendas that harm the American people. We are seeing the truth behind their actions and will not accept it!

“Corporations are not people and do not have unalienable Rights.” - Brian Laverty

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