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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cassandra Turns Up

Cassandra warns the Trojans by Bernard Picart
I found an old friend in my inbox recently, and only just now got around to reading the most recent Cassandra Chronicles, written by contrarian economist David L. Smith. In my former career incarnation, when I had my financial advisory practice, David's work helped me a great deal to "boil down" the sea of worldwide economic and political information and disinformation to get at the kernel of truth which would best benefit and protect my mostly working folk and/or from-blue-collar clientele.

I have also included a link to David's blog on The Village Green, my assortment of links to places on the web that I like.

Mr. Smith is one of the few I've encountered whose politics matches my own:

QUOTE You may wonder what my political principles are. Some of my subscribers are convinced I am a liberal, others are persuaded I am a conservative, others think I am a moderate. I think of myself as an independent “fair witness,” to borrow Robert Heinlein’s term. Basically I do not believe any political philosophy has a corner on the truth, nor is any approach optimal for all occasions. Consequently, I am inclined to support objectively whatever works, given the times and the circumstances, to further the universal aspirations for peace, prosperity, order, human rights, and the survival of the human species. I am also inclined to expose hypocrisy, mendacity and injustice from whatever political quadrant it comes. Like Tiger Woods, I aspire to play “straight up the middle.” UNQUOTE -David. L. Smith


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