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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Town Hall With Ben Nelson

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I am having a full schedule today, involving several meetings, working tonight and a local health care reform town hall meeting with Senator Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska. I will blog my impressions tomorrow. I go with a "Single-Payer Is the Only Way For True Reform" sign in my hot little hand. I sure hope things stay civil. Knowing my fellow Nebraskans, I think they shall, but keep your rosary in hand - the times are truly weird. Hopeful we can show the rest of the country how to agree to disagree. I bet I'll see some friends with a right/libertarian bent carrying signs to "keep the gubmint out of health care". Misguided as they are, they are good folks whom I like, not a demonized subhuman.

Sen. Nelson still has time to make the right decision. He can stand with over 76 percent of Americans who want the choice of a public health insurance option or stand with the insurance interests who have contributed over $2 million to his campaigns. We had a great progressive turnout at yesterday's town hall in Omaha. But we can't stop now. We need to keep the pressure on until Sen. Nelson gets the message: real health care reform must include a public health insurance option.

BTW, David Smith has been blogging on his health care rally experience here and on healthcare reform here. Interesting, as always, from Mr. Smith.

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