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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's A Good Day To...

I have always been amused and slightly startled by the modern pop culture's treatment of death. Having swerved away to a signicicant degree from the rudimentary Catholic (or even Christian) idea on the subject, it seems many people like to avoid the omnipresent memento mori of urban squirel & possum roadkill, miscarraiges and relative's funerals, and spend years - years! - pretending that they are going to live in this current body forever, rather than an extremely brief span of years. Facelift? Hah! Botox, my ass. Health food and exercise, well OK, but for quality of life, but babe, it isn't gonna buy you a week. The only healthy-eating -daily -ten -mile -running marathoner I know is also the only person I know to have a near-fatal heart attack before his 40th birthday. ( And honey, even, say, 102 or so is a brief span of years. I can see this all too clearly from the eve of my 55th birfffday. )

From The Bygone Bureau. Don’t Worry—We All Get to Die Eventually
by David Tveite on October 15, 2008

QUOTE The world is a dangerous place, and it’s a lot smaller than it used to be. We can’t just keep the bad parts at an arm’s length anymore. Even if we blot out terrorism, there are still car accidents, heart disease, natural disasters, school shootings, chainsaw killers, child molesters, asteroids, collapsing bridges, Italians, second-hand smoke, Putin, Oprah, and Nickelback.

So what are you going to do? You can eat healthy, quit smoking, draw the shades, check the locks, get a gun, turn on the alarm, buy a mean dog, and travel everywhere in a bulletproof Popemobile, but someday, you’re going to be as dead as anyone else.

What are your priorities? What do you want from your life, because you can hide in your basement until the end of time worrying about the problems that you’ll never fix, or you can accept that life is dangerous and choose to live yours anyway. The world is chock-full of foul people who do terrible things, and there’s no reason we should ignore that. But if we can’t even push these things into the background every once in awhile, how are we supposed to cope?

So I say don’t spend your life worrying about all the things that can kill you, but don’t expect any of those things to go away either. If you’re scared, try to be brave and when the shit hits the fan and you can’t even do that anymore, at least try to hold steady. It’s been seven years now. How about we stop letting fear run our lives?

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