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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Capitalism, Socialism, Distributism

Here's a good article on distributism (link below) and a challenge to the lazy thinking that knows only two models(capitalism or socialism). The modernist epidemic of black and white thinking can usually only come up with two opposing views, whatever the topic.

The trouble with those seeking to defend capitalism is that they end up defending trance consumerism - a greedy, godless, amoral system of materialism 100% at odds with Catholic/Christian teaching. The notion of capitalism tempered by moral restraint is untenable. How can market forces act morally? Their fueling passion is greed. The point is that they concern themselves with supply, demand and price and nothing else, existing in a moral vacuum.

The core of capitalism is not about what society, or families or individuals need, but what will reward stockholders' investments and enrich the CEO's coffers.

From InsideCatholic.com

QUOTE Congress has promised over $1 trillion from our hands to "rescue" gargantuan businesses. When corporations demand the largest free ride in our history, it's time to rethink economies of scale. Socialism is a silly solution -- there, everything becomes one gargantuan business. We need a real solution: distributism. UNQUOTE

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