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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The 12 Tribes of Voters

Beliefnet has a cool article here breaking down religous voters into twelve distinct groups, what they call the 12 distinct religous voting blocs in the United States. My only gripe with it is that they have one and only one niche for all Catholics - "Convertible Catholics" - apparently Novus Ordo, Trads of every stripe, Uniates, Copts and the Orthodox must cram themselves into this teensy category. Crowded and contentious? Yeppers.

But in an age in which popular secular thought marginalizes believer's reason and sanity, it is refreshing to see religous impacts being discussed.

QUOTE The Twelve Tribes were introduced in 2004 as a collaboration between Beliefnet and John Green of the Bliss Institute at University of Akron, based on the National Surveys of Religion and Politics. The premise: most political reporting acted as if there were two groups – the Religious Right and Everyone Else. So we crafted a new set of groupings, inspired by the twelve tribes of Biblical Israel, but formed around similarities in religious beliefs and practice. UNQUOTE

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