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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Not Cure The Diseases?

As a 57-year old person who has arthritis, along with "borderline" elevated lupus and rheumatoid factors, I have some days every month with considerable pain in my joints, bones and tendons. Extensive testing (paid for out-of-pocket BTW, since DH (dear hubby) and I only carry major medical due to neither of us working for a large company)by a rheumatalogist showed no definite diagnosis other than osteoarthritis, and I walked out of the doctor's office with a prescription which "might damage your kidneys or liver" - this assuring that I would need to return to the rheumatologist every 3 months, and also visit the labs to make sure I wasn''t sailing headlong into kidney failure. Thus does the medical establishment "cure" its patients. (Hey, and I have barely even mentioned health insurance.)

QUOTE Martin Kuehne, a chemist at the University of Vermont, is quoted in the story, saying, "Pharmaceutical companies don't like cures. Really, they don't -- that's the sad thing. They like treatment. Something for cholesterol or high blood pressure that you take for years and years, every day. That's where the profit is." UNQUOTE

Michael Moore's Sicko addressed this with real clarity. If you haven't seen it, click on over and check it out.


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