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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Reading List Gets Yet Another Title!

It sounds like perhaps in his new book, The God Theory, Bernard Haisch is picking up where De Chardin left off, all those years ago. They're talking about this over at Hubbert's Arms. My poor groaning bedside table. Sooo many books!

From the web site:

Somewhere between the hardcore reductionists who explain all things as merely the sum of their parts and greet every suggestion of spirituality with a sneer, and the unquestioning faithful who receive their beliefs full-blown from prophets and preachers, lie the skeptical but open-minded free thinkers curious to investigate their own nature and purpose in life. Are you one of them?

Readable and engaging… ways of reconciling science and religion. — Patricia Monaghan, American Library Association

A delightful romp through the labyrinths of philosophy, theology, and science.… very smart, very literary, very thrilling — a fine read. — Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Space, Time and Medicine

Whether one will agree or disagree, powerful arguments are presented for one to consider.— Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot

Bernard Haisch, an astrophysicist whose work has been reported in this magazine… also trained to be a priest, and this... is his attempt to reconcile his scientific knowledge with the idea of a purposeful universe.…Whether or not you agree, it's a compelling read.— Marcus Chown, New Scientist magazine

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