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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Does Burning Man Mean?

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I have never been to Burning Man, but based on my experiences at powwows, Renaissance Faires, Irish Festivals and even a few rock concerts, I'm willing to hazard a guess about what it means: I think it may be the careful experimental feeling-out, shaping, test-driving, trying out of a new way to do human society.

The three or four thousand year old model of imperialism, genocides, wars and unsustainable resource gobbling is losing its luster, even for those in its vanguard. Whistleblowers from the very top levels of military, government, intelligence and corporate boardrooms are increasing in number every year. More and more people are shredding their credit cards, putting in a vegetable garden, reducing, reusing and recycling, eliminating or radically shortening their commute, getting off the TV drug and rediscovering spirituality.

Why not bring Burning Man into the plaza of every town and city in America? Let art, spirituality and freedom heal us.

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From Huffington Post by Jay Michelson
QUOTE In the transcendence of ordinary distinctions, peak experiences such as those encouraged at Burning Man give a glimpse of the ultimate, the infinite. It may seem absurd to suggest that Burning Man is a mystical event. But then, if it's just a big party, why is there a temple in the middle of it? UNQUOTE

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