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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nervous About Flu? You Are Not Alone.

The managers where I work (5 days a week late afternoons and evenings) have thoughtfully provided a wee bottle of alcohol-based hand gel for every cubicle. We've been enjoined to not share headsets and routers, and have been told that individual boxes of Kleenex are on their way. Makes me a bit nervous since this is the very same management team who didn't even keep soap in the washroom dispensers or alcohol gel in the break room through last winter's cold and flu season. If they're worried it says something.

On the other hand, a lack of swine flu immunization shots has led to some very creative thinking on the part of the public. Take your pick, European berries or duck liver extract. I personally am opting for 8 hours of sleep and a gram of vitamin C every day.

Here's a brief compendium of flu related "old wives's tales" advice, none of which should be construed as actual medical advice but rather as possibly helpful folklore. Pass the orange juice, please. Have fun!

Natural remedies are all the rage as flu fears increase
Flu cures range from a mysterious concoction called "swamp tea," to the exotic, duck liver, to plain old vitamin D. Do they work?
By Nancy Lofholm - The Denver Post

Four Thieves Vinegar

Vitamin D


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