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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kansas City Irish Festival

Hello TRT readers! I'm baaack! We spent the Labor Day weekend in Kansas City camped out at the Hyatt with about 80,000 of our best friends. If you haven't ever been to a KC Irish Fest, next year please walk, bike, drive, fly - do whatever it takes to get there.
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It is three days of beer, kilts, Irish music (on 3 outdoor and 2 indoor stages no less)from uber-traditional to punk pub, bagpipes, little kids dressed like fairies and the wee folk, meat pies, haggis, funnel cakes, history, geneology, comedy and more. Can't think of a better way to get all tired out.

Pogey is a a pub rock band from Nova Scotia, and about half their songs were rock/sea chanties. Nova Scotia Farewell, Drunken Sailor etc. They were tons of fun and rocked pretty hard. Our other favorite bands there were Vishten (also from eastern Canada). click http://www.vishten.net/ and you can hear them. We bought one of their CD's. And… Cara (we also bought their CD) is from Germany but that doesn’t stop them from making great Irish music! http://www.cara-music.com/english/
and...Hothouse Flowers who utterly rocked. On a sadder note, our condolences to the band, who lost two friends at sea off the west coast of Eire while they were stateside at the festival. The song they sang in Irish Gaelic in memory of their drowned friends moved us to tears. Memory eternal. + + +
With five stages there is absolutely no way you can hear all the music, so sorry if I left people out.
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