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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Is Going On In This Country?

Banksy's Flower Chucker
From DOD exercises in Portland this week involving live fire and risky low altitude helicopter flights downtown to "protest areas" far removed from the DNC where the media is removed from the extremely repressive police actions ~ another story here ~ WHAT is going on around here? It certainly looks to me as though the poice are wishing to riot, perhaps the anti-war/anti-corporate protesters should just drop to their knees and pray, or to a half-lotus & meditate, for the Eastern inclined; or just smile and shine on, like crazy diamonds ~ and LET the police riot.

Seems as though Kucinich and Ron Paul would've been vastly superior choices for Dem and Repub nominations ~ at least the country would've been safe under their leadership.

Catholics, to your rosaries. Prots, to your Bibles. Jews, Buddhists and what not, to your own light-bringing ceremonies. This darkness must be dispelled. (Atheists, to your reasoning!)


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