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Friday, August 29, 2008

Twin Cities Police Get a Head Start on Ignoring Citizen's Rights

It seems I'm not the only one eschewing politics-as-usual in favor of sanity and noticing the enthusiastic application of the local gendarmerie to ridiculously small matters. From Eric Parks over at Red State Eclectic.

QUOTE Well, the Democratic Convention is over and I'm proud to say I watched none of it. I just don't have the stomach for it and that goes for the upcoming Republican Convention as well. It' bad enough I have to pay for a private party of thieves to get together and schmooze with each other.
It seems that the police in the Twin Cities wanted to get a head start on ignoring the rights of others:
August 26, 2008: Cameras, camcorders, cell phones, computer, notebooks – even clothes and a sleeping bag – were confiscated by Minneapolis police in the name of Homeland Security Monday night, according to a trio of young artist-journalists in town to report on the RNC.
... “We kept saying we do not consent to any search,” Brathwaite said, but the officers searched their belongings anyway. The three young people were questioned separately, photographed, and released, but police refused to return their belongings. They even took the backpack and sleeping bag that held all of Brathwaite’s clothing and personal belongings for the week ahead.

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