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Here we seek a rest in the shade, some cool water and a little kindness. This blog is dedicated to peace, truth, justice and a post- industrial, post-petroleum illumined world in spite of all odds against it. I very much like the line about the ancient knight (see poem below) "His helmet now shall make a hive for bees" It is reminiscent of "beating swords into ploughshares" a sentiment I heartily approve of. Thank you for visiting ~ I hope you return!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who is this "ExRanger" guy?

Who is this ExRanger guy? Good question. Deb Yost the owner of this Blog asked me if I would like to be a guest writer on The Rosemary Tree and I agreed.
I was raised in the Catholic church in Royal Oak Michigan at the Shrine of the little flower. When I was 12 my family moved to a very rural farm in central Michigan. We were five miles from the nearest village and an half hour from the nearest town of any size. The best thing about it was a fifteen thousand acre state game area that was only a mile down the road. My new best friend and I spent every waking hour when not in school roaming the woods year around. Our parents rarely new where we were at any given time and it made us very independent and self sufficient.
Soon came the end of High School and the need to get a full time job. My friend and I both drove the hour to the GM plant where we were hired and spent the next three decades working. During that time I went on military leave and joined the 1/75th Airborne Ranger Battalion for four years. After my tour I went on a sort of spiritual quest that is still going on to some extent. In the end I chose to follow the Tao.
My experiences in the Rangers changed the way I look at life and made me a very different person. I started writing as a way to share the things that I had learned at great expense with people who might need that experience. If there is one thing I know well it is how to live very rough and travel light. Good things to know when our economy is crumbling and the safety nets are not holding.
So now I have retired from GM and I do other things. I work in the garden, Bicycle many miles, read and study a lot, write some and think about how to avoid the worst effects of the hard times to come.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I kind of thought so. Well you might have guessed, I wondered as well who you were and that's why I checked out all the blogs you've listed as yours.

Not surprise, the Ranger-experience has had an effect on you...!

So it seems you've had some hunting experience as a kid, which perhaps also reflected well on your sniper-scills...?

What else do you write? just blogs or also books?

ExRanger said...

Just Blogs but I would like to write a book one day!