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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Monday Cassandra

Great rant this week by Jim Kunstler, with the usual drill: Eff Bomb alert.

Obama has the same problem that Bush had. His adminstration has already been hijacked by the Washington political class. Just look at his cabinet picks and leaders he is dealing with in Congress. Taking away gun rights, crushing freedom of speech, promoting abortion, corporatism and expanding the Dem party base while ignoring the real issues.

Be sure and read it all. And BTW I do not endorse the limiting of property rights. He's a Cassandra, not a Christ-figure.

QUOTE The argument about "change" during the election was sufficiently vague that no one was really challenged to articulate a future that wasn't, materially, more-of-the-same. I suppose the Obama team may have thought they would only administer it differently than the Bush team -- but basically life in the USA would continue being about all those trips to the mall, and the cubicle jobs to support that, and the family safaris to visit Grandma in Lansing, and the vacations at Sea World, and Skipper's $20,000 college loan, and Dad's yearly junket to Las Vegas, and refinancing the house, and rolling over this loan and that loan... and that has all led to a very dead end in a dark place. UNQUOTE

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