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Friday, July 11, 2008

Very Unfriendly Skies: Take Two

I blogged recently on the outrageous proposal to issue electric shock bracelets under control of airline crews and TSA or DHS officials. Here's an example of the sterling self control and Solomon-like wisdom of some of these erstwhile upholders of American empire, if not of chivalry.

Be sure and watch the video on the right side of the page: you will see how the actions of the officers appear to be completely uncalled for, could have resulted in severe injury, and the ruckus could very well have compromised airport security (where the blond female executive in no way did.) If this is how blond female New York business people are treated, what about somebody's Lebanese grandpa, Italian boyfriend or African foreign correspondent, or whoever fits a "watch-em" profile?
The sexual element cannot be totally ignored here, the video of three men roughing up a passive female is disturbing. Chivalry cannot return to us fast enough. Teach your sons how to treat a lady. If this woman was being apprehended for a capital crime, if she was a heinous murderer, this ungentlemanly conduct would still be out of line. The officers are not the judge, the jury nor the executioner, at least, not in a civilzed culture.

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