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Monday, July 21, 2008

Law and Justice

Georg Thomas over at Red State Eclectic has an interesting post up on the people who built America, and law and justice. While Georg and I don't always see eye to eye, he makes some brilliant observations. Also while you are over there please check out the post Georg was responding to, The Emperor's New Clothes, and also their Think-Tank. There's a piece posted which I wrote on abortion, Towards A Comprehensive Pro-Life Meme (pardon the tooting of my own horn) as well as many other fine examples of American libertarian/conservative thought (and German thought; pardon me Georg!)

QUOTE The worst of all the powers that government has, if it is allowed to have it, is to spread the ignorance amongst the population as to what justice means.
If people, like the women and men who built America, but unlike our contemporaries, have a clear sense of what justice means, no government will be strong enough to break that force. America has been on the rise as long as that force was stronger than those trying to alienate it from its roots.
What worries me most is that government has made us accept the fact that we live without law, instead muddling through by calling things "politically correct" or "not politically correct".

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