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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tin-Eared Entitled: Let The Eat Cake: We Profit!

From The Daily Economic Update (Robert Denner) comes a cry of outrage over the mindless and heartless natterings of in infobabe on a popular TV network.

QUOTE This is the part of CHANGE that must be embraced. The current system is broken if it must see fit to starve fellow humans at the sake of turning a freaking profit for your retirement. This is a case where YOU can make all the difference. Stop feeding the monster and at least consider how your money is being used to destroy millions of lives. At the very least make sure that the funds you are investing in are DEVOID OF FOOD SPECULATION. And make sure you voice your outrage at Wall Street’s seeming INDIFFERNCE at the suffering of hundreds of millions of people.
You want to understand the anger that the 3rd world feels against the United States? This is one HUGE reason.
The absolute AMORAL delivery of that woman on CNBC still rings in my ears, even after 10 hours. How to profit from human misery, should have been the teaser they used as they went to a commercial break. UNQUOTE


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