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Thursday, December 9, 2010

There Oughta Be A Law

Oh wait. There is, it just is being selectively enforced. From The Huffington Post comes a tale of robosigners, wrongful foreclosures and how very hard they are to get resolved properly. Big banks run amok. Yes there is legal recourse but at huge cost and for those who have done NOTHING wrong, a huge unjust burden that is neither democratic nor American in the classic sense of the word.

It is oppressive, autocratic abuse of the citizenry. It is subversive of true law and order. Be sure and click on over to read it all, comments too.

Must-read comment by Reader Mrbadexample:

QUOTE Everyone needs to keep this meme in mind when reading these stories--These are the stories we're hearing about. These are the stories where a wronged homeowner was able to scrape together a retainer for an attorney and fight the bank. In most cases, the bank is able to bully the homeowner into some sort of settlement­. This is regardless of whether the bank is at fault in the first place. Friends involved in litigation with the bank that issued their mortgage found the bank had forged documents in their applicatio­n file. Their attorney acknowledg­ed that this should be a slam-dunk of a case for a court, but the bank would try to run them out of money--it would take upwards of $20,000 up front to pursue it and it would be two or three years out of their lives. They settled. This sort of behavior is Exhibit A of why Elizabeth Warren's Banking Consumer group was set up. And it's Exhibit A of why the new Congress will do everything they can to defund her. UNQUOTE

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