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Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Than An Oil Spill

Dear reader, I am back from a brief vacation from blogging. I have been following the BP Gulf oil disaster over the past month with great interest and no small amount of fear and trembling. I mean, massive amounts of raw oil, natural gas and methane gas have been pumped into the ocean 24/7 and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it at over a mile down, don't let them fool you.

I have been startled to see such a disinterested response on the part of my fellow citizens, and dismayed to have sometimes encountered a spirited defense of the indefensible by people of goodwill who really should know better. But alas they have chose not to know better, and to take the "easy" route. Last laugh goes to Mother Nature, however, just who did they think they were messing with?

Yesterday's NYT has an excellent op-ed by Bob Herbert on the vapidity of America's response to this corporate-sponsored global nightmare:

“You can’t sleep no more; that’s how bad it is,” said John Blanchard, an oyster fisherman whose life has been upended by the monstrous oil spill fouling an enormous swath of the Gulf of Mexico. He shook his head. “My wife and I have got two kids, 2 and 7. We could lose everything we’ve been working all of our lives for.”

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