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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On a Personal Note...

While I usually avoid personal diary-style blogging ("today I went to the seed store, today I took the dog to the vet" ad nauseum) I'm making an exception so my readers know that the times they are indeed a changin'.

Charles lost his job last week, Rogers Jewelry Co. (owned by Gitanjali Gems)decided it would be a great idea if their jewelry stores had NO actual jewellers, just salespeople. So they fired ALL the jewellers, except a very few in the big cities. *sigh*

Feckin' brilliant, say wot?? NO original design can be executed, nor repairs made on site, just factory schlock and mail-away repairs that take weeks or months to get back from the big city sweatshops... That ought to bring the quality customers flocking in! Indeed.

Yes, I'm bitter.....the bloody idiots. There is a certain perverse satisfaction in knowing that they have eliminated the position which guarantees their steady supply of well-to-do clientele. Since the company did this in a true top-drawer fashion, classy to the end, they gave the goldsmiths NO notice. None. I mean, my husband was Goldsmith of the Year in 2007 for the entire Rogers Jewelers company nationwide. He's been an active member of NESD Jewelers Association for 20+ years and has served on their board several times. He is a JA certified Senior Bench Jeweler/Goldsmith (CSBJ).

I'm not calling for a boycott or anything, but if anybody out there feels inspired to avoid all Rogers and Samuel's Jewellers because of their abusive management protocols, that is just fine with me.

Rant over.

The Lincoln Journal Star Business section April 2008
QUOTE Charles Yost was recently named the "Craftsman of the Year" at the Rogers Jewelers annual awards banquet in Cincinnati, Ohio.The award was given for being the top producing bench jeweler in the Rogers Jewelers chain for 2007. Yost has a wide variety of bench jeweler experience over the past 36 years and is a certified Senior Bench Jeweler by the Jewelers of America. He has been with Rogers Jewelers at Westfield Gateway for two years.Rogers Jewelers is a full-service jewelery store offering on-site repairs and custom designs. The Rogers chain is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has retail stores throughout the central United States. UNQUOTE


ExRanger said...

Hi Deb,
Sorry to hear of your husbands job loss. Big Corporations can be so short sighted and foolish. They don't appreciate what they have when it comes to people. With the resume he has I am sure he will land on his feet.

Deb Yost said...

Ranger ~
Thank you for your kind words. He's exploring outside-the-box ideas at present, stay tuned.